Bring Your Own Beer On Your Disney Cruise

Buying alcohol and soda on a cruise can really add up and cut into anyone’s budget. The bad thing is you do not realize how much you have spent until it is time to get off the boat.  When cruising on the Disney Cruise Line your soda is free so that is one expense you do not have to worry about.

You can also save a great deal of money by bringing your own beer and alcohol aboard yourself. Do not worry there is no need to sneak it on in an empty Listerine bottle, Disney allows you to bring your own alcohol aboard. If you can put it on a carry on and carry  it on the ship you can bring it.  If you choose to bring your own wine on the ship for  a small fee they will open it for you at dinner.

There is a small refrigerator type cooler in your stateroom to help keep your beverages cold and ready to drink at all times.

A beer on the ship will cost you anywhere between $5 and $7 and there is no better way to save on your budget than to bring your own.

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