Dining At Disney On A Budget

Dining at Disney can be overwhelming when it comes to the number of options of places to dine. Eating can be very expensive during your trip and can take a big chuck out of your budget. If you choose to stay on site you may want to take advantage of Disney’s Dining Plan.  If you can book your trip during the time period that Disney offers free dining do so it will save you a large amount of money. For more information on Disney’s Dining Plan is available here.

The cost of Disney’s Dining Plan:

Prices are per person, per night (except for the Wine & Dine add on)
Adult prices – age 10 and over (no exceptions)
Child prices – ages 3-9
Children under 3 are not eligible for the dining plan.

Quick Service Dining Plan
* Adults $34.99
* Children $11.99

Basic Dining Plan
* Adults $45.99 (regular season), $47.99 (peak season*)
* Children $11.99 (regular season), $12.99 (peak season*)
*Peak Seasons: 2/17/11 – 2/26/11, 3/11/11 – 4/30/11, 6/3/11 – 8/13/11, 12/23/11 – 12/31/11

Deluxe Dining Plan
* Adults $78.99
* Children $21.99

Premium Package
* Adults $169.00
* Children $119.00

Platinum Package
* Adults $229.00
* Children $160.00

Wine and Dine Add-On (not valid with quick service plan and with certain discount packages)
* $39.99 per night (cost is per reservation, not per person)

If you are staying off property you can save money by bringing your own food into Disney. I routinely freeze water bottles then take them to the park with me that way I have cold water throughout the day. We have also brought in plenty of snacks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Restaurant.com is also a great tool to save money if you will be eating off site.

If you are eating at Disney without the dining plan order your items a la carte.  The menu board may have the platters and prices listed but you can buy the hamburger without buying the whole platter and save yourself some money

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