Higher Gas Prices Impacting Disney Budget

I am currently trying to budget for our Disney trip in September. We are undecided if we should visit WDW or Disneyland. Higher gas prices have impacted our monthly budget tremendously and I will now have to reconsider gas prices into our Disney trip. To save money on gas I have made a few small changes in our family. My daughter now rides the bus home from school instead of me driving to get her this saves me 20 miles a week: driving an older Explorer that gets 14 mpg every little bit helps.  I have also decided to move my daughter into a tumbling class in town versus a town farther away saving me 30 miles a week. Another small change I have made is to wait till my husband gets home from work and drive his work car, which is a cavalier and gets a lot better gas mileage than the Explorer. Gas prices are predicted to continue to rise upwards of $5 as summer approaches. What things are you doing to save on gas?

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