Move Over Cinderella New Castle Coming To Walt Disney World

Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom will soon be put to the test of how it will compare to the new Beauty and the Beast’s castle that will be part of the new expansion of Fantasyland. The expansion of Fantasyland is the largest expansion the Magic Kingdom has ever experienced, and when it is all said and done Fantasyland will be nearly twice the size it was before.

The Beauty and the Beast adventure will begin in Belle’s village where guests will have the opportunity to visit her father, Maurice’s cottage, before a magic mirror will take them into Beast’s castle. Upon entering the castle’s library the story of Beauty and the Beast will then be retold by no other than Belle herself.  This new Disney magic attraction is slated to open in late 2012

The new castle will also have seating for 550 guests in their new Be Our Guest Restaurant.The restaurant will be unique in it will offer quick service dining during the day and night will transform into a table service restaurant.

There may be no budget saving tips here, but I know that I will want to create a budget that will allow me to see this new castle and the expansion of Fantasyland once it opens.

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