Save Money On Airfare To Disney!

When it comes time to plan your Disney vacation there are ways to save money on airfare. Being a family of four airfare takes up a large amount of our Disney budget. We traditionally like to fly through Southwest Airlines for numerous reason. I like the fact that they tend to be priced right and I am not charged an arm and a leg in baggage fees.

It may come as a surprise that with gas prices on the rise that you can still save money on airfare but you can.  Once you book  your airfare check back once a week to see if the price has dropped and if it has call the airline to see if you can be reimbursed for the price difference. Southwest Airlines is great about giving you a credit if the price drops after you book your flight.

Earlier this year a friend of mine booked her families flight to Disney for $137 one way only to find that it has recently dropped this week to $79 one way. She called Southwest and was given a credit of $580 to fly later. She now has two trips to Disney planned.

The Southwest Difference paid off for her and I hope it will pay off for you too. I have done this the last two times I have flown with Southwest and they have superior customer service.  For more information on Southwest’s policies click here.  I also appreciate that Southwest does not charge you a change fee with your ticket. My brother recently missed his flight and was charged an outrageous amount in change fees by another airline. You never know when something may come up causing you to miss a flight and need to change your tickets.

It may take some devotion of your time to check the website periodically to see if the price of your airfare has went down, but in the long run it may well be worth it.

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