Save money on disney souvenirs

Souvenirs and little trinkets can add up while on your Disney vacation. A little planning before you leave can help save you money.  No Disney trip is complete without getting the autographs of your favorite Disney character.  Buying an autograph book at Disney World or Downtown Disney can be an extra added cost.  I have bought my autograph book off ebay for half the price prior to going or I have also visited the Walmart in the Orlando/ Kissimmee area and bought them there. Do not forget to bring an over sized pen or marker from home for your autograph book.  Local Target’s and Walmart’s in the area carry Disney memorabilia at a more affordable cost then buying it directly at Disney World. The last time I visited the Target in Kissimmee  they had a huge selection of Disney Trademarked items such as bags, hats, shirts, water bottles, and a lot more.

Kids also love those neon light up necklaces that come out during the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade. Prior to our trip I visit the Dollar store or even the dollar section at my local Target and buy my own glow in the dark bracelets and bring them along.

Souvenirs such as stuffed animals and clothes will be gone one day so consider purchasing souvenirs at Disney that will be memorable.  Things such as pressed pennies and postcards are great memorable and affordable souvenirs to purchase for your family while visiting Disney and can be purchased at any of the Disney theme parks. Don’t forget to have your post card signed by your favorite Disney character.  My favorite souvenir that I buy each year is a Christmas ornament with the year on it. I visit the Christmas store in Down Town Disney and pick one up every year and it makes a great addition to our Christmas tree.

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