Taking a Train To Disney World !

With gas prices on the rise I have started to wonder if taking an Amtrak train to Disney World would be cheaper than driving or flying.  With gas prices projected to hit the $5 dollar mark this year my trip to Disney World in September may be considerably more expensive. I have personally never taken a train anywhere so it would add some fun to our trip. However, living so far away it would require us to have to stay overnight on the train and I am not sure how that would impact our budget. I have found that a sleeper car is what we would need and that it can be quite costly.

The advantage a train would have over our car is that it would allow my daughter to get up and roam around which I think would make the trip more enjoyable than a car. However, we would then have to take into consideration a rental car into our budget which we usually rent anyway when we fly. There is a train station in Orlando and Kissimmee so it would put us directly where we need to be which is nice.
I had a friend suggest that I constantly check the rate of roomettes to see if the price drops after booking and be refunded. She did just that and Amtrak refunded her $250. No matter what method you choose to travel to Disney by spending time researching all your options is key.

If you are curious to know how much your trip will cost you for gas alone check out this great website.

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