Save Money On Your Disney Cruise Line Souvenir

If you are looking for the perfect Disney Cruise Line souvenir that did not cost you a fortune consider a signed picture frame by all your favorite Disney pals. There is no better way to remember your Disney Cruise than with a frame signed by all you favorite Disney characters. Not very many people know that you can drop off items at the Guest Service Desk of your cruise ship and they will be signed by the characters on board and delivered to your stateroom prior to the end of the cruise.

Prior to your cruise venture to your local craft store and pick up a picture frame that can be signed and take it along with you on your Disney Cruise.  I was able to pick one up at Michael’s with their 40% off coupon for $5. I also purchased some colored sharpies and some chocolate goodies and placed them all in a Ziploc bag. Once we bordered the Disney Wonder I headed to the customer service desk to drop off my picture frame to be signed by all the characters that were on the boat. You can choose to have whatever characters you want sign it.  Some other items that I have heard of others bringing to have signed by characters is a pillow case or an autograph book.

The night before we were scheduled to leave the ship our frame arrived in our room signed by all our favorite Disney Characters. We look forward to our next cruise on the Disney Dream and hope to maybe try a pillow case next time.

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