Star Tours to Reopen at Disney Hollywood Studios

Star Wars fans will be happy to know that Disney’s “ Star Tours” at Hollywood Studios is set to reopen this Friday and will reopen in June at Disneyland.  The 3D ride is 7 minutes of exhilarating fun. The ride will depict an earlier chapter of the Star Wars saga than the original Star Tours did.  The newly revamped ride has over 54 combinations of scenes making it highly unlikely that you will have the same experience twice. The new ride will feature new droid characters, a new Starspeeder, new destinations all along with a new pilot.

The re-opening comes just in time for Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios. If you are a fan of Star Wars consider planning your trip around one of these weekends. I admit I have never seen Start Wars. Shock I know ! However, both my daughter and husband are fans as we have been to Star Wars weekend the last two years. Not being a fan of Star Wars did not hinder my ability to have fun. There is nothing like the elaborate costumes and parade that Disney puts on for this event.

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