$200 In Disney Rewards For Your Next Disney Vacation

I have mentioned before that if you really want to save money at Disney consider signing up for a Disney Rewards Visa Card by Chase. I have had one for years and at the time when I signed up I was rewarded with $25 of Disney Rewards. My $25 is nothing compared to the $200 that Chase is now offering.

My sister will be vacationing at Disney with us this September and she just received a mailer in the mail offering $200 in Disney Rewards once she signs up for the card and uses it once. There is no minimum purchase amount either. Go to the store purchase a pack of gum and you automatically qualify for your $200 in Disney Reward Dollars. Sound to good to be true? Well its not! I have talked to others who have taken advantage of this offer. If you currently are a Disney Rewards Visa Card holder take advantage of referring a friend and you can be rewarded with $25 Disney Reward Dollars.  If you have a Disney Reward Card you would unfortunately not be eligible to earn the $200 in Disney Reward Dollars, but if you significant other does not have a card consider signing them up for one.  Credit cards can wreck havoc on a Disney budget or any budget for that matter so be sure to only use it for items you can pay in full when the bill comes.

You earn 1% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars® on everyday purchases made with your credit card. Having a Disney Rewards Visa also allows you other perks with Disney.  Last year we used our Disney card to book our Disney Cruise and we were rewarded with $50 Disney Reward Dollars.

If you have opened a Disney Rewards Visa card in the last 90 days call customer service tell them you know this offer is out there and they will credit you the remaining amount.

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