Disney World Discount Tickets Through Disney’s Youth Programs

To find largely discount tickets to Disney World that do not require you to attend some type of time share or involve some sort of fraud is rare. The Disney YES (Youth Education Series) program allows you to purchase deeply discounted park tickets. The tickets tend to be about half the price of the gate price. Not only are these tickets discounted they also provide you with the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Disney World. YES tickets cannot be upgraded or modified in any way once issued.  You can purchase tickets for 3 day to 8 day, basic tickets or hoppers or water park&hopper

What is the Disney Yes Program?

The program gives students real-world learning experiences at Disney Theme Parks and provide new found insights, skills and knowledge to motivate and inspire students. Here is the list of classes being offered for individual sign up. There is a different catalog for groups.

Elementary, middle, junior and senior high school students of all ages from around the world.

Keep in mind that the discounted tickets are in exchange for attending an educational class offered by Disney. The classes tend to be about 3 hours in length. Once you register for your class and put in an arrival and departure date your tickets will be valid for 7 days before your arrival date and 7 days after your departure date.

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