Earn Disney Rewards Faster

If you have a Disney Chase Rewards Visa  card you may have received from time to time a flier in the mail telling you that you can earn 3x or 5x the rewards if you meet certain requirements. In the past I looked at this card and thought woohoo and never did anything about it. If you get one of these cards be sure that you go online and enter the code that they provide you to be able to take advantage of these extra rewards.

I am not encouraging you to use your card more while you are eligible for the extra rewards, but if you are able to pay your card in full each month I would suggest using it.

Many times you will be eligible for the rewards with purchases in certain categories after you spend a certain amount that month. Groceries tend to be a category that qualifies for the extra rewards.  If you have a Shaw’s grocery store near you and can afford it they have a special going on that if you buy a $100 Gift Card you can get a $20 off your next order.  Buy a $100 Disney gift card that you can use on your trip and get $20 off your next grocery trip

If you do not have a Shaws check your local grocery store to see if they have gift cards to purchase for stores that you may need. Please, do not go out and plan to buy gift cards you do not need or place a large purchase on your credit card if you can not pay off your Disney Chase Rewards Visa as this will not help your Disney Budget.

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