Disney Tickets See Big Increase

The price of tickets to visit Disney plays a big part in your Disney budget.  Yesterday Disney increased the price of their tickets so you may need to revisit your Disney Budget for 2011. Just as summer visits to Disney have begun prices have went up both at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

The Price of a base ticket for Disneyland increased by 5.3% from $76 to $80, and a 3-day ticket increased by 8.7%, from $206 to $224. Ticket prices for those living in California who like to take advantage of an annual pass will be paying 8.1% more.


One day tickets at Walt Disney World increased by $3 and are now $85 a 3.7% increase, and a child ticket increased by $4 and is now $79. The park hopper and water park fun & more options increase $1 to a flat-rate of $55 per ticket. The largest price increase was seen in the 10-day pass which increase 11.1 % to $291.
Many reputable third-party ticket sellers will continue to sell what remaining tickets they have at the old price until their current stock is gone. If you are planning on visiting Walt Disney World now is the time save money on your Disney Budget and buy those tickets before they are gone.

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