Save Money On Your Stroller Rental At Disney

If you have young children a stroller is a must at Disney World or Disneyland. If you are flying to Disney it may be cumbersome to drag the stroller along and renting a stroller while your there may be the best option. Do  not be in for sticker shock when you arrive. Stroller rental at Disney World can be costly.

A single stroller will rent for $15.00 a day and a double stroller will rent for $31.00 a day.  Disney does cut you a break if you are looking to rent a stroller on multiple days. The multiple day rental fee is $13.00 a day for single stroller rental and $27.00 a day for double stroller rental.  Strollers are available at all 4 theme parks. If you are choosing to visit more than one park a day save your receipt so that you can also pick up a stroller at each theme park that you visit that day.

If you are doing Disney on a budget there is a cheaper way to use a stroller at Disney. Head to the local Target or Wal-Mart and purchase a cheap umbrella stroller. Depending on how fancy you want to go you can easily pick up a stroller for under $25.00. This is a much cheaper way of using a stroller at Disney World than renting one. If there is no room to take the stroller home with you consider donating it to another family in need that is standing in line to rent a stroller. If you choose to abandon your stroller at Disney you would not be the first. Disney has many abandoned strollers that they keep in lost and found and eventually make it to their property control store where a cast member will end up buying it.

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