Southwest Airline Offering Airfare As Low As $40 To Disney World

I am super excited about the airfare deal that Southwest is running now. I just found out about this deal tonight and it ends tomorrow so you will have to move fast. Southwest airlines is currently offering air fares as low as $40 one way.  Travel must take place between August 23rd- November 16th 2011.

0-451 Miles you pay $40

451-1250 miles you pay $80

1250 + you pay $120

I priced flying with Southwest for our Disney vacation in September last month and with this sale they are running  I will save $378 on air fare for 3 people. This will go far in helping my Disney budget.

If you have already booked your airfare through Southwest you can still take advantage of these lower prices and the difference you paid in the ticket prices will be given as a credit to you so you can fly again.  You may end up getting two trips to Disney for the price you have already paid for one.

Transportation to Disney is a major portion of anyone’s Disney budget. Save some money and book your airfare to  Disney now through Southwest.  I will be booking this on my Disney Visa by Chase and will also be getting Disney Reward points that I will be able to use on my trip.

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2 Responses to Southwest Airline Offering Airfare As Low As $40 To Disney World

  1. 1181 SOUTH says:

    Wish I would have seen this deal back in June! Congratulations to you on getting this low airfaire.
    Nice blog too!

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