Use Coupons To Help With Your Disney Budget

One of the biggest things that I do to save money for my Disney budget is to use coupons while I shop. If you have seen the TLC show Extreme Couponing, that is not me. I do not take it to the extreme or set unrealistic goals for myself. I use coupons to reduce my out of pocket cost to help save my family money on a weekly basis. The savings that I am able to get by shopping smart help fund our trip to Disney.

Last week I was able to score Disney sippy cups for my daughter for .99 at Walgreen’s. I wanted to buy 4 and they only had 2 so I got a rain-check.  I am hoping they get 2 more in this week or next week so I can get the finally 2.  Do not be afraid to ask your stores for a rain-check if they are out of the item you are there to buy.

Look for tips for me in the weeks to come on ways to save money on your everyday needs to help save money for your Disney Budget.

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