Eating at Disney with Food Allergies

If you or someone else in your family suffers  food allergies and you are worried about your upcoming trip to Disney you will be glad to know that your sweet tooth can be cured by a stop at Babycakes in Downtown Disney. I recently just discovered this when trying to plan a 1st birthday for my daughter in Disney all while trying to stay within her food allergy diet.

If you are familiar with the Downtown Disney, Babycakes is located within the building that used to house McDonalds and now also houses Pollo Campero and Fresh A-Peel.  The bakery recently opened in November of 2010. This vegan bakery provides you the most healthy  way to take care of that sweet tooth, and caters to those on special allergenic diets.

BabyCakes NYC™ specializes in baked goods that are:

– Gluten-free

– Wheat free

– Soy free

– Casein-free

– Egg-free

– Refined sugar-free

– Vegan

– Kosher

From cupcakes, chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, and donuts I can hardly wait. Babycakes  does not offer sugar free items, but most of their products are sweetened with agave syrup, making it a great for those that suffer from diabetes.

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2 Responses to Eating at Disney with Food Allergies

  1. Kathy says:

    Check out the Gluten and Allergen Free Disney World app for your iPhone or iPad. It tells you about all the different places around the park that cater to people with special diets. I used it a few weeks ago and it was great!

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