Disney PhotoPass Savings!

Pictures are a perfect way to preserve a memory. Disney has PhotoPass Service throughout all its locations to help you achieve the best pictures at Disney. Disney has photographers located all throughout Disney that will take your picture and will provide  you with a Photo Pass card.  Each time you have a picture taken hand the card to the photographer and at the end of your visit you will have all your Disney photos in one place.

If you choose to purchase a Photo Pass package it can be expensive. To save money on Disney’s Photo Pass pre-order. If you pre-order Disney Photo Pass CD the cost is $99.95 if you purchase at Disney it will cost you $149.95.  If you are looking to purchase Disney’s Ultimate Memory Package it will cost you $149.95  if you pre-order and $229.90 at Disney. As you can see by pre-ordering you will save money on your Disney budget.

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